Group classes are available for all our training programs including Puppy, Manners & Sports/Specialty Classes.  

The purpose of a group class is to teach you how to teach your dog in an environment that naturally presents challenges and distractions. Curriculum is standardized and the same across all our locations!  

Advantages of group classes include:

  • Natural distractions to help your dog learn to stay connected to you around other dogs/people.

  • Multiple family members are able to attend

  • Presented in a fun, games format

  • Small class sizes for plenty of individual attention

  • Affordable class fees

  • Share your success and support from your classmates

  • Connect with other dog lovers

All classes taught with Positive Reinforcement methods.  Classes are currently held indoors with COVID Protocols required.


STAR Puppy Kindergarden & Performance Puppy Series


From Foundations to AKC CGC, ACGC & U-CGC.  Classes for general manners & Therapy Dog pret

Beautiful dog in motion. Rough Collie jump through agility hoop, he is in long jump landin

Agility Classes for Fun and Competition.  All levels

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Scent Work 

Classes at all levels

Intro to Elite Level

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Rally Obedience 

Venues Taught include AKC, UKC & WCRL
All Levels Intro to Master

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Competition Obed

Beginner to Utility