Have you often thought it would great if someone could come to your home and train your dog/puppy for you?  Our Day Training Service is perfect for you!

Certified, insured Instructors will come to your home to help you build a better communication system with your dog.  Our Instructor will work with your dog, and show you how they teach new skills and great behavior!  We offer a variety of programs for you to choose from and of course, we always let you fine tune the skills we teach!


ala cart:  Single Session:  $140

Day Training Puppy Basics

3 visits over a period of 10 days.  Socialization, foundation manners, and leash walking all part of this foundation program. 


Day Training Preferred Package

6 visits over a period of 18 days.  Owners must be available to meet with Instructor on final visit.


Day Training Platinum Package

9 visits over a period of 28 days.  Owners must be available 2 visits to meet with Instructor.


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