Monday - Laurie Bowen

1 pm  Ninja Puppy      1/10

6 pm Foundations      1/17

7:15 pm Lev 5 pm   1/31     

Tuesdays -Laurie Bowen 

3:00 pm Lev 7               1/25

4:00 pm Lev 7               2/1  

6 pm Lev 6                     1/11

7:15 pm Lev 2                 1/11

Wednesdays-Laurie Bowen

10 am Lev 4                  1/12

11 am  Lev 6                   1/12

Privates with Laurie. BOOK

Wednesday-Lynne Schroeder

2:30 pm   Lev 5           12/7

3:30 pm Lev 6             12/7

Privates w/ Lynne BOOK

Agility Program

Agility classes are held at our Resort Location:  616 Youngs Hill rd, Easton, Pa  18040

Puppy & Level 1 do not need permission to enter.  All other levels require previous class or Instructor permission to register.

Ninja Puppy:  Fun foundation class for young dogs

Lev 1:  Foundations & flatwork for the dog new to agility

Lev 2:  Introduction to Obstacles:  weaves, tunnels, jumps

Lev 3:  Introduction to Obstacles 2:  Continuing with weaves, tunnels, jumps and adding Dogwalk, Teeter, A-Frame

Lev 4:  Introduction to Handling:  Principles of handling, crosses and execution

Lev 5:  Beginner Handling:  for dogs getting ready to trial

Lev 6:  Advanced Handling:  For dogs competing at the open/Excellent level.  Nested courses used to accommodate skill levels.

Lev 7:  Masters Handling:  For dogs/handlers competing at the Excellent/Premier level.  Backsides, threadles, serpentines and more.


All Classes at Palmer Studio


6 pm Intro to Odor 6 pm 9/29

7:15 pm Trial Prep All Levels 9/29


2 pm Intro to Nosework 1/9

3:15 pm NW1 Trial Prep             1/23

430 pm NW2/3 Trial Prep 1/30

Sunday @ Resort w/Renée

AKC elements


Nose Work Program

Scent Work offers dogs an opportunity to work their major sense, Smell!  All classes currently held at our Palmer Studio, Entrance is Door #3, side of the Planet Fitness building.
Intro to Nose Work:  starter class, no pre-requesites needed.  All dogs of all ages welcome

Continuing Odor:  For dogs working on ORT prep

NW1:  For dogs who have passed their ORT and are preparing for NW1 Trials

NW2:  For dogs who have their NW1 or comparable title working on the NW2 level

NW3:  For dogs who have their NW2 or comparable title working on NW3 level

Nose Work Trial Prep:  For dogs working on titles at all levels or Elite titling.

ALL CLASSES AT PALMER STUDIO unless otherwise listed

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Plainfield Resort 


Lev 2 Rally  6 pm        1/8

Master  Rally 4:30 pm 1/14

Master Rally    7:15 pm     1/8 pm


Intro to Rally 

Tues 6 pm 1/18

Rally Program

Rally Obedience is a competitive dog sport with titles offered by numerous org including AKC, WCRL, UKC and ASCA.  All classes cover skills and trial prep for all venues.  Rally is a fun sport that builds great response to cues, deepens relationships between dog/handler and develops off lead reliability.
Intro to Rally Obedience:  for teams new to the sport or dogs just learning

Novice:  For teams preparing for Level 1/Novice competition

Advanced/Excellent:  Introducing the higher level skills and prep for trialing at the Adv/Exc level

Master:  For teams preparing for the RACH, RAE, MX levels


Plainfield Resort


 Obedience Skills for Competition

6 pm               1/12

Novice Obedience for Competition

7:15 pm 1/12


Open Practice for LSDL Students 11 am - 1 pm

Engagement for Sports

Sunday 2/6
Performance Puppy
Sunday 1/16


note:  Performance Puppy on Puppy Class Page

Obedience Program

Competition Obedience is a competitive dog sport with titles offered by numerous org including AKC, CDSP UKC and ASCA.  All classes cover skills and trial prep for all venues.  Comp Obed is a challenging sport that builds great response to cues, deepens relationships between dog/handler and develops off lead reliability.  

Rock It!  & Rock It 2.0 Performance Foundations Class:  All sports have foundation behavior that create strong understanding of how to move, carry, retrieve, building drive and harnesses drive to achieve success in the sports rings.  Each 6 week session will be individually adjusted to the students goals in the class.  Taught by Renée Hall

Focus & Attention:  Class for baby dogs or dogs new to dog sports.  Without attention and focus on the handler, teams struggle in the trial environment. This class builds drive to work and focus skills.
COS 1 Beg Novice/Novice:  for teams working to trial in BN or Nov levels

COS2 Novice:  Working on the Novice Skills and intro to Open skills

COS 3 Open:  Proofing for trialing in open and intro to Utility Skills

COS 4 Utility:  Proofing/prep for Utility trialing with proofing of open skills


Plainfield Resort


TD test prep

9 am 10/24Beginner Tracking

10 am 12/5

Tracking is a sport focusing on teaching your dog to follow a scent trail.  The tracking dog learns how to stay on a trail in moderate cover.  Working toward following the trail thru turns, crossing cover and with light aging.  The Tracking Dog test prep will work o preparing you and your dog for the AKC Tracking Dog test and trial.

Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) will add the complexity of trail aging, changes of cover and different terrains, finding articles and indications.  The TDX class will have off site options in addition to working at our Plainfield Resort location.

Conformation Classes

Palmer Studio

Show Dog 102

Wed 9/16 6 pm

 Are you looking for a class that teaches you how to train your dog for the Show Ring?  Well, here you go!  Join Sammie Snyder as she teaches you the foundations of handling your dog in the show ring.  Gaiting, stacking, presentation, free stack and more!  Success in the Show Ring is about Presenting your dog to Judge showing the dogs best attributes and this can be TRAINED!    Dogs should have foundations to start this class.  If you have not started teaching your dog  or have a dog new to conformation, Sammie is available for private lessons to bring your skills up to speed for the 102 class.  Private Coaching is $50 for 1/2 hour and can be scheduled by contacting us at

Dock Diving


11:30 am

More info coming soon!