Day Care Policies

General Hours

7:00 am - 6 pm

Holiday Hours

no daycare


11/27 - 12/1


12/22 - 12/27

All policies and pricing are subject to change without notice


Day Care services are offered on a reservation basis.  Daycare is limited to 24 dogs and all dogs must have pre-screening approval.  


There are no refunds for Daycare Services, Packages or unused punch cards past expiration.


Dogs exhibiting unhealthy or dangerous behaviors will be removed from daycare and given private attention/play until they are picked up.  This includes:  humping, bullying, aggression or any other behavior deemed threatening to other dogs or staff.  The determination of unhealthy behavior is made by daycare staff and is final.


All dogs attending Day Care must have health records provided by their Veterinarian.  Proof of vaccines including DHLP, Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough) and Canine Influenza.  Fecal float must have been completed and clear during the past 6 months.  

Flea/Tick Meds

Topicals must be dried (applied 24 hours prior to visit).  Dogs attending with topical visible will be separated and unable to play with other dogs.

General Health

If your dog exhibits the following they cannot attend daycare:

Vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, lethargy, loose stool or papilloma (warts)

Boarding Policies

Drop Off/Pick Up Hours

Mon - Sunday

7:30 am - 6 pm

All policies and pricing are subject to change without notice


To book a reservation, a 50% deposit is required.  If cancellation is completed within 5 days prior to booking, a full refund will be given.  For cancellations 5 days or closer, or no shows, the deposit is retained and no refund will be given.  Payment for full stay is required at Check In.  Deposits forfeited are not available for use on other services.


In order to keep your dog's stress level low and maintain good health, you are required to bring your dog's food in the amount to cover their feeding while they stay with us.  Dogs often have stomach upset when food is changed.  Please bring your dogs food in portions for each feeding they will need for their entire stay.


Please bring medications in the containers/packaging issued with clearly marked instructions for portion and frequency for administration of meds.

Screening Visit

All guests who do not attend daycare will need a pre-screening visit prior to boarding.  You can schedule your pre-screening visit by emailing us at


Dogs who have been screened will be rotated into play with the daycare/boarding dogs.  Dogs who have been screened, are not human aggressive, may be able to board with us, with approval from Let's Speak Dog, Ltd.  Approved dogs who cannot enter group play will require a Bronze Activity Package, which covers daily fields walks, private play with a staff member and cuddle time.

Dogs with issues/aggression/fear of people may not board with us.

First Time Boarders

If your dog has never stayed with us, we highly recommend a trial night prior to your longer stay.  This will help your dog become more comfortable in our facility.  When you leave your dog with us for the first time, we require a local emergency contact person, in case of emergency.

Emergency Medical Care

If your dog requires medical attention, our staff will attempt to contact you.  If the care is emergent, the staff will transport to Thoreau Veterinary Hospital or Valley Central during overnight/weekend hours.  Let's Speak Dog, Ltd is not responsible for costs of transport or care.  Client dog owner will be responsible for all costs associated with veterinary care at either hospital, and transportation costs.

Training Policies


by appointment

Private Coaching and Day Training

Cancellation Policy

48 hour cancellation is required for full refund of training fees.  Appointments cancelled within the 48 hour window prior to appointment will forfeit $50 standard appointment fee.