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#1 Veterinarian Recommended Puppy k in the Valley!

Who doesn't love a new puppy?  We all love their cuteness, agile minds and just the fun of watching how the world excites our pup as he navigates and explores his new life with you.  


Star Puppy Kindergarden is our flagship course for pups starting after the pup has had their 2nd distemper/parvo shot. Usually around 10 weeks up to 4 months of age.   

NEW FORMAT  In response to our Students, we are changing the format of our Star Puppy Class!  The new format includes more great puppy skills, socialization, confidence building games and gives us time to work with your pup in a more comprehensive program.  We are so very excited to offer puppy training!  

Star Puppy Kindergarten Class:   

Open Enrollment Class:  Open enrollment means you can start class any time!!!

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Puppy Prep School

@ The Resort

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Would you like a Pro to train your pup?  Give your pup a day out to learn, play and socialize?  

Puppy Prep School gives your pup a jump start to become a confident, well mannered dog.  This training option is meant to compliment your training classes and your training at home. MAX 4 pups

Prep Student Planned Day

7 am - 9 am Drop Off & Potty Break

9 am - 11 am Learning Door Etiquette, Explore new things, nails & handling

11 am - 12 pm Potty break, nap time with good chews

12 pm - 1 pm Socialized play
1 pm - 3 pm Skills in groups & individual including recalls, greetings, place

3 pm - 5 pm potty break, play and go home

Three French Bullgod Puppies


at Palmer

Star Puppy Kindergarten Class

Mon 7:15 pm

Sat 10:45

Open Enrollment, start anytime

At Plainfield Resort

Star Puppy Kindergarten Class

Weds  7:15 pm

Sun 1:30 pm


Star Puppy K

6 week class.  Learn how to integrate your new puppy into your daily life, foundations to build a confident, well adjusted dog.  Includes problem prevention, proper greeting behaviors, basic skills and social interactions.

Fun, integrative class will engage both you and your puppy while introducing all the skills & social developmental needs for your new family member.  For pups ages 9 weeks to 20 weeks.  

Cost:  $250

Class meets for an hour a week for 6 weeks

Puppy Ninjas

Agility beginner fun class for pups 1 year or younger.  4 week fun class. $125. @Resort

Monday 1/30 4 pm

Perfomance Puppy Series

For anyone interested in playing games/sports in the future with their puppy.  $125 per session.  All sessions at the Resort location.

Each class meets for an hour a week for 4 weeks.

PP 1:  Chutes & Ladders

4 weeks of exposure to new things to jump, climb, go thru.  Teaching play engagement, learning how to use those baby bodies in a fun safe way.


PP2:  Pivots, Jumps and more!

4 weeks working on engaged play, intro to jumping (puppy safe bumps), adding baby heeling and building value for working with the handler.  Drive building games.


PP3:  Driving Fast is Fun!

Taking our foundation pieces for agility & obedience and chaining those games into skills.


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