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Behavior Consulting

Although aggression is a normal behavior, living with a fearful, aggressive or reactive dog is hard!  

Behavior Consulting Services

Is your dog exhibiting fear, aggression, reactivity or other problem behaviors?  Are you and your family afraid of your dog or your dog's behavior in certain situations?  Is your dog's problem behavior(s) creating stress for your family or strain on your relationships?  These behaviors require a different type of training called Behavior Modification.  This type of training often involves appropriate management, counter conditioning, desensitization, and creating new coping skills for your dog in their environment.  We understand your stress, concern and frustration and are committed to helping you successfully change your dog's behavior choices!  

How Does Behavior Modification Work?

The Initial Behavior Consult:   You and your dog will come to our Studio for an assessment.  This session will take an hour and in this session, one of our Certified Dog Behavior Counselors will meet with you, observe your dog, discuss your dog's behavior history, create an appropriate management plan and develop a Behavior Change Plan for you & your dog.  Our objective is to affect change humanely, quickly and with respect for your family & dog's needs.  We follow the current AVSAB recommendations regarding humane treatment of your dog and will never use force or pain while affecting behavior change.  


Aggression does not cure Aggression!   

Why Chose Us? 

Behavior Modification is a specialized field.  Using Applied Behavioral Analysis, our Behavior Consultants have advanced education in this field and have chosen to Certify through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants whose standards for certification include:


  • A minimum of three years and 500 hours experience in animal behavior consulting with client present is recommended for this level of membership. These hours are a guideline representative of the experience needed for successful completion of the application. 

  • 400 hours minimum of coursework, seminars and mentorship related to the Core Areas of Competency 


Consulting Services at the Resort are provided by Renee Hall, BS, CDBC, CPDT-KA, owner of Let's Speak Dog, Ltd.    Her experience, committment to continuing education and effective results are a few of the reasons many of the local Veterinarians refer their behavior clients to her.  Renee brings education and experience to her work, with an empathetic approach for your family and effective protocols for case resolution.  Resumé

Let's Speak Dog Nazareth
Renée Hall, CDBC
Feisty Fido Class
Safe class for reactive dogs-dogs worked individually within a group setting
Instructor permission required for registration.  

The Initial Behavior Consult              $190

This session will booked at one of our Training Studios.  We do not meet with clients for the assessment in the clients home.


To book this evaluation session, please use the Book Now button.

Training Plan pricing and options.  Once your evaluation session is completed, your Consultant will recommend a consulting program most often used for your problem behaviors. Program pricing is listed below.

Foundations for Behavioral Health

4 one hour in Studio sessions           $725

In-home sessions are booked at $230/hr

​Other Behavior Problems


Many general behavior problems can be addressed in one session.  All sessions include unlimited email/phone support.


Some Common Problems Include:


  •  Grabbing/Jumping

  •  Chewing/biting

  •  Some Reactive Behaviors

  •  Leash lunging and pulling

  •  Digging/destructive behaviors

  •  Resource Guarding:  Guarding of location,  things or people

  •  Confidence problems

  •  Housebreaking

  •  Submissive Urinating

  •  Phobias


Some behavior problems often need follow up sessions or ongoing support. 


  • General Anxiety

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Fear biting

  • Phobias

  • Behaviors that are well practiced such as fencing running

  • Emotional issues related to phobia

  • Aggression

  • Reactivity

We recommend the Balance Harness:  You can purchase prior to our session below:

General Info & FAQ

We accept Aggression and Reactive Dog cases including guarding issues, territorial guarding, and bite cases involving humans and other animals.  Aggression does not cure aggression! We are committed to dog friendly techniques based on the ABA model.  
No shock, prong or other aversive tools will be used while we develop your individual Case Protocol.


Fear  based issues are our specialty and we take these cases very seriously. Behavior modification is a process, and we have an intensive program to work through these cases.  


1.  There is no quick fix for aggression or reactivity.


2.  Behavior Modification is a time intensive process and cannot be addressed in a single session.  


3.  General training issues will be addressed prior to working on the aggression issue. A strong relationship of trust must be established to be successful in modifying behavior 


4.  Cases involving bites to humans or other animals may require use of a muzzle.


5.  We have a proven track record of success with these cases, but not guarantee we can 'fix' your dog, we can modify behavior, but we cannot change the genetic disposition of your dog.


6.  There is no quick fix-suppressing behavior does not change how the dog feels about their fears and can create dangerous alternative behaviors.


7.  Costs:  We have package pricing and we offer Feisty Fido Class to help defray costs for dogs that need multiple sessions.

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