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Group Classes limited to 6 teams.  
All classes meet for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted!
Registration:  online registration and payment is standard, but your may pay in person the first day of class as well.  Refund Policy:  There are no refunds once class has started. Winter Weather:  Class cancellations will be posted to our FB page.  Nazareth classes are noted in Green, Palmer Classes noted in Blue.  Plainfield classes in Gold.
January 1, 2020 All Sports Classes will renew at $145 per session.
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The Manners Flextime Program:  Obedience for the Family Dog

Our Manners Program offers 4 levels of skills training for your dog with built in flexibility for your schedule and a pace option for successful training of any dog.  Join our experienced staff for a class and learn how to teach your dog basic polite behaviors.  Move up through the levels and earn your dogs AKC Canine Good Citizen Title, prepare for Therapy Dog testing or continue to Lev 4 and earn your dog's AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen Title.  All classes offer one free repeat at no additional cost if class is repeated in the immediate next session.  Orientation is now online!  A course code will be sent upon registration..  There is no FLEX between locations. 

Class cost is $160 and meets for an hour a week for 6 weeks.

Manners 1 Flex-Time

Skills:  Coming when called, relax on your mat, walking with a loose leash, Leaving things alone, Sit/Down/Stay, Focus & Attention stop jumping!  Introduction and training on how to use a marker system to teach your dog anything!

Cost:  $160

At Nazareth: Monday 6:30 pm 1/27, Thurs 6 pm 1/30, Sat 10:15 am 2/15

At Palmer:  Monday 6:00 pm , Tues 6 pm 1/11,  Sat 9 am 1/4-full, Sun 12:45 pm 1/5

At Plainfield:  Thurs 10 am 2/6

Manners 2:  Advanced Obedience-developing reliability in basic skills

Skills:  Doorbell cues go to your mat, off leash recalls, stay even though . . ., using leave it, introducing Heel, supervised separation, loose leash walking past people/dogs, greetings without jumping

At Nazareth:  Mon 2/17 7:30 pm, Thurs 1/9 7:15 pm, Sat 1/11 12:30 pm

At Palmer: Monday 1/20 6pm, Tues 7:15 pm 1/7,  Sun 1/5 11:30 am. 

Manners 3:  Earning the Canine Good Citizen Title-CGC test included in week 6 of the class

Skills:  Stay at 20 feet, Recall at 15 feet, Sit/Stay for greeting a person/dog, heeling & loose leash walking in the real world, supervised separation, using Place behavior, recalls away from deer, squirrels, etc, grooming

At Nazareth: Mon 7:30 pm 1/6  Sat 1/11 11:30 am  

At Palmer: Tues 7:15 pm 12/17

Manners 4:  Advanced Canine Good Citizen-testing included in week 6.  

Skills:  Stays by other dogs, perfecting heel and loose leash walking, door etiquette, super polite greetings, Come away from anything, greeting dogs on leash, Therapy Dog skills (polite petting, head on lap/bed, accustom to hospital equipment) 

At Nazareth: Mon 7:30 pm 1/6

Star Puppy Kindergarden

Puppy K-open enrollment, start any time

For puppies age 9 weeks - 5 months

Socialization and Obedience foundations for puppies.  Sit/Down/Stand, Coming when called, greetings, walking and more!  Join us for a fun filled session of learning, socializing, prevent problems and build a strong base for a well behaved pup.  AKC Star Puppy Certificate included. Class meets for 6 one hour sessions.  

Class includes how to prevent jumping, biting, stealing, grabbing, house soiling, sit/down/stay, coming when called & leash walking

Cost:  $160  START ANY TIME!

At Nazareth:  Sun 2:45 pm, Sat 9 am or Thurs 7:15 pm

At Palmer:  Mon 7:15 pm, Fri 6 pm, Sat 10:15 am

At Plainfield:  Fri 10 am


Canine Conditioning Class Mini

Instructor:  Renée Hall

3 one hour sessions introducing how to give your dog a workout!  Builds confidence, strength and helps prevent injuries.  Great class for all dogs of all ages!

Thurs 12 pm 1/9

Instructor:  Renée Hall 

At Plainfield

Kitten Kindergarden - Socialization for kittens 7 -16 weeks

Kitten K really?  Yes, socializing your kitten is just as important as for your puppy!  Nails, confidence building, stationing, and more!  Class is offered as a 4 one hour sessions.  Each session will cost $25.  

Instructor:  Dawn Perl

At Palmer

When:  1/18 1 pm

Sports Classes

Agility Classes

Note:  All agility classes will move to our new Plainfield facility Jan 1, 2020 .  All classes are $160 session.  Classes meet for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks

Puppy Foundations:  NInja Puppy

For pups 4 months - 1 year of age.  Fun way to exercise and challenge the young, energetic dog!  

Where:  Plainfield Resort When:  1/15  12:30 pm

Instructor:  Caroline LeBel

Agility Foundations 2

For dogs of any age.  Introduction to Agility

Where:  Plainfield Resort When:  1/7  7:15 pm

Instructor:  Caroline LeBel

Where:  Plainfield Resort When:  2/5 11:15 am

Instructor:  Caroline LeBel

Agility Beginners 2

 Learning equipment, foundation jumping and started dogs.

Where:  Plainfield Resort  When:  2/4 6:00 pm

Instructor:  Caroline LeBel

Agility Intermediate

Beginner handling and sequencing.  Dogs need Instructor permission or have completed Beginners

Where:  Plainfield Resort  When:  2/4 12:15 pm

Instructor:  Lynne Schroeder


Rally Obedience

Build a great connection between you and your dog with this fun sport!  We teach AKC/UKC/WCRL venues.

Rally Starter Class

Beginner class for dogs/handlers new to Rally or pups just learning rally.  Started dogs welcome and will be challenged!

Where:  NazarethWhen:  1/22 Wed 12:30 pm

Instructor:  Renée Hall

Rally Novice/L1

For beginner teams 

Where:  Nazareth Studio  When:  Sunday 5 pm 1/19

Instructor:  Renée Hall

Rally Advanced/L2

Where:  Nazareth  Studio  When:  Friday 6 pm 1/10

Instructor:  Renée Hall  

Rally Excellent/L3

Where:  Nazareth Studio  When:  Friday 7:15 pm 1/10

Instructor:  Renée Hall

Rally Master

Where:  Nazareth Studio  When:  Sunday 1:30 pm 12/29

 Instructor:  Renée Hall

Sports Classes

K9 Nose Work

All Nose Work classes are currently held at our Palmer location.  Classes meet for an hour a week for 6 weeks. Cost is $145 per session

Intro to Nose Work 

Starter class for scent work.  No prerequisite required.

Where:  Palmer Studio When:  Thurs 6 pm 1/2-full

Instructor:  Sarah Woodruff, CNWI

Where:  Palmer Studio  When:  Mon 4 pm 1/20

Instructor:  Kailly Muthard, CPDT-KA, CTP

Intro to  Odor:  Prep for ORT

for teams moving from pairing scent to odor and preparing for ORT

Where:  Palmer Studio  When:  Sunday 3:15 pm 2/2

Instructor: Sarah Woodruff, CNWI

Nose Work Trial Prep All Levels

For Teams preparing for trials at all levels!  Pre-Requisite:  must have passed ORT

Where:  Palmer Studio  When:  Wednesday 7 pm 1/15 or Thurs 7:15 pm 1/9

Instructor:  Sarah Woodruff, CNWI

Nose Work Trial Prep NW1/2

Must have passed ORT for birch/anise/clove

Where:  Palmer Studio  When:  Sunday 4:30 pm  12/8

Instructor:  Sarah Woodruff, CNWI

Nose Work Trial Prep NW2

Must have passed NW1 or comparable title.

Where:  Palmer Studio When:  

Instructor:  Sarah Woodruff, CNWI

Nose Work Trial Prep NW3

Must have NW2 or comparable title.

Where:  Palmer Studio  When:  Sunday 5:45 pm 12/8

Instructor:  Sarah Woodruff, CNWI

Competition Obededience

AKC & CDSP Venues taught

Novice AKC/CDSP 

Where:  Nazareth  When:  Wed 6 pm 1/22

Instructor:  Renee Hall


Where:  Nazareth Studio  When:  


Proofing and preparing for trialing in Open/Utility.  This is not a skills class

Where:  Nazareth Studio  When:  Wed 1/8 7:15 pm

Instructor:  Renée Hall

Classes for Fun

Intro to Dog Parkour

Fun urban agility class for all dogs who like to jump, climb, crawl, and and more!

Where:  Palmer Studio 

When:  Friday 1/4 7:15 pm

Instructor:  Sammie Snyder

Canine Work Out:  Learn how to safely work your dog's core strength, prevent injury and develop great work out plans for keeping your dog fit!

Where:  Plainfield Resort

When:  1/9 12 pm

Instructor:  Renee Hall

Specialty Classes

Tracking:  Beginner Tracking 2

Following human scent is a natural activity for your dog and so much fun to learn!  Join Diane Thompson for this starter class at our Plainfield Twp location. 

Sat 1/25 Class 10 am

Performer Tricks Class

4 week class teaching advanced tricks for the AKC Performer and Elite titles.

When:  Thurs 1/9 1:15 pm 

             Thurs 1/9  6:00 pm

Instructor:  Renée Hall

Where: Plainfield Resort Location

Other Classes

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