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Hotel Style Boarding 

Dog Boarding

Hotel Rooms for Dogs!




Home away from home!  Let's Speak Dog's boarding services offer a unique, hotel style boarding solution.  Private suites allow quiet comfort for your dog, with music for relaxing or just chewing a bone!  Each suite has it's own private entrance, your choice of cot, soft bed or orthopedic bed and amenities you choose for your dog's comfort while he stays at our dog resort.  

Our indoor play area is available for rainy weather or dogs that prefer to hang climate controlled  fun, and our outdoor play yards are always attended by our Canine Care Associates.  Does your dog enjoy long walks in the country?  Add daily private walks onto your resort package.  Additional Service Options:  training packages, spa services individual enrichment programs, private walks, private play times, and the pampered pet special (daily brushing, private cuddle time).

1.  Create an account in Gingr  (click here)

2.  Upload or email your dog's vaccine records (Rabies, DHLP, Bordetella)

3.  Schedule your pre-screening appointment.  The pre-screening appointment is a 20 minute on site visit for you and your dog to meet the staff and tour the facility.  There is a $20 fee for the pre-screening visit.

4.  Schedule your dog's trial overnight.  This an acclimation overnight stay to help your dog acclimate to the facility and meet the staff. Normal boarding fees apply to the overnight. 

6.  Upon successful overnight stay, book your stay.
7.  Review all boarding policies.  Please review with your Staff member prior to booking, so we can clarify any fees, options or questions about boarding.

Puppies:  3 months to 6 months, do not need a pre-screening visit, but must attend a 1/2 day daycare prior to boarding.  Puppies MUST be crate trained. 

Pre-Screening:  for all dogs new to our boarding facility, This is not a test!  Dogs that have never stayed away from your home may have anxiety or panic when away from you!  We require an on-site visit prior to boarding for you and your dog(s).  The screening visit is to help your dog gain familiarity with the Staff and the facility.   Dogs that attend daycare are exempt from this visit.  Fee:  $20.00

Boarding Policies click here

Why Let's Speak Dog, Ltd?


Private Suites:  For at home feel, safety and comfort for your pet

Indoor Play Area:  2400 sq ft of climate controlled play

Outdoor Play Area:  10,000 sq feet of fenced play space


Bedding:  Choice of cot, soft bedding or orthopedic bedding for your pet's comfort

Play options:  Supervised group play or private play.  Which ever suits your pet.  Always attended by our caring staff

Extras:  Concierge, field walks, cuddle time, training, Activity Time, Spa.  

Lodge & Learn Refresh for Let's Speak Dog Students!

Spa Services:  Grooming, nail trims, bath and blow out, de-shed and more

Staff: Experience, certified staff. 

Vaccine Policy:  All guests are required to have current  vaccinations including  Bordetella.  Bordetella, or Kennel Cough, is a highly contagious form of upper respiratory infection in the dog, similar to the human cold.  We highly recommend canine flu vaccination as well.  

Deposits and Cancellations:  A 50% deposit is required upon booking.Placing a deposit does NOT confirm your booking.  You will receive a confirmation, then the deposit is due.

Cancellations:  Bookings cancelled 5 days or less will result in forfeit of deposit fees.

Drop Off/Pick Up: 7:00 am - 6 pm Everyday
All reservations must be confirmed before drop off.  24 hour minimum for requests.

Book for Summer Now!

Openings-these are the open suites available for the following weekends:

July 13/14:  Full

July 20/21: Large only

July 27/28:  1 standard

Aug 3/4:  Full

Aug 10/11 1 large

Aug 17/18 all sizes available

Aug 23/24 all sizes open

Aug  31/Sep1 all sizes open

Gingr Facility # 116558


Screening Visit For All Dogs Prior to Booking Boarding

 Pre-board screening visit required for all dogs stay with us.  

45 minute session.  Every dog over 6 months must book this appointment.  This includes dogs who have taken classes with us, privates or consults.  This is for your dog's safety and to maintain a stress free experience.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy


Private Suites

Our beautiful private suites have visual access during the day and quiet, closed doors at night.  Available in 2 sizes, 1 or more dogs from the same family can stay together or play during the day and have separate quarters at night.  Rates listed are for single occupancy.  Discounted rates for dogs sharing a suite are listed separately.  

New Rates effective 1/1/24

Large Suite

(6' x 9') $70 per night

$60 per night for 2nd dog in the same suite

$50 per night for 3rd dog in the same suite


Small Suite

(6' x 6') $60 per night

$50 per night for 2nd dog in the same suite

Standard Suites

4' x 6' Indoor Kennel with privacy panels

$55 per night

$45 per night for 2nd dog in the same suite

Size restrictions apply

 for 2 dogs in same kennel

Extra Services


We do not offer grooming services to the general public.  Grooming is available to current clients only and only as an add on to a reservation


Nail Trims

Grinding and trims available  $15


Bath/Blow out

Small dogs:  $40

Medium Dogs $65

Large dogs:  $85

Giant/coated breeds:  $100

Spa version includes brush out and coat conditioning spray



Baths are wash and dry only. De-matting, furminater, clipping of any kind, please book under grooming


Individual service:  may be added to one day or many days!  Mix and match or choose a group package add on.  All pricing is per diem


Field Walks

15 minute walk around our fields for decompression or just to explore outside the kennel.

$8 per day

Double Play:  2 field walks each day $15

Cuddle Time

Does your dog like to hang with people and just cuddle on your lap?  Choose a cuddle option and our Staff will give your dog private cuddle time

$7 per day

Concierge Service

Do you worry when you are away from your dog?  Our Concierge Service is perfect for you.  A Staff member is assigned your dog for the day and will update you with video/pictures through out your dogs stay.

$10 per day

Daily Enrichment Activity

Private enrichment session for your dog each day.  Snuffle mats, sniff & go, puzzle toys, etc

$8 per day

Bronze Package

Daily Field Walk, Cuddle Time.  Price per day


Silver Package

2 Daily Field Walks,  Enrichment Activity

Price per day


Gold Package

2 Daily Field walks, enrichment activity, Concierge service and  cuddle time. Price per day


Platinum Package:  3 Sniffari Walks, Cuddle Time & Concierge Service

What People Are Saying About Let's Speak Dog


“ we used the daycare facility last week and Cooper had a blast.  He was a pooped out puppers the following day from having so much fun.  I was impressed with the facility over all, the cleanliness, and the staff.  It was a great experience for me and for Cooper.”

Elayne Saladuchin


Great facility, wonderful people. We left our baby girl dog in their care on New Year's Eve she had a great time came home Happy and tired from all of the play time.  
The staff takes the time to discuss with you your dog's behavior there and who they played with and what they like. Also they issue out a report card via email to you, nice touch

Helen Drahos

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