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Try it! Small Group Session

Looking to try swimming with your dog?  This is a one hour small group session to learn safety around the pool, introduce your dog to swimming, build confidence in the pool and learn to love to water games!    Classes listed run same day each week.  Registration is for single session.  Cost:  $45
Beginner Swim Try It!

Wednesdays 5 pm

Thurs 5 pm

Continuing Swimming

Tues 12 pm

Advanced Dock

for dogs who will jump off the senior dock

Tuesdays 1 pm 

Wednesdays 6:15 pm

Junior Dock Practice
Must swim and able to use ramp

6/2 Sat 11 am

6/4 Tues 1 pm

6/13 Thurs 6 pm


Chase It!  Learn the Game!

Must be able to use Senior Dock

5/29 Wed 6:15 pm


Fetch It!  Learn the Game!

5/30 6 pm

Dog Pool Group Classes

Classes meet the same day/time each week.  Total 4 one hour group lessons.  There are no make ups. $160



Sword Fish

Moving from the Junior Dock to Senior Dock.  Learn how to improve distance

6/11 Tues 12 pm

Chase It! 

Speed retrieve off the dock.  4 one hour sessions.  Dog must have water retrieve and be able to jump off the dock

Splash Fest Fun Day!

Fun day for all dogs!

 Join us for a day of games, fun, practice & learning!  Junior Dock, Senior Dock or Ramp jumps for newbies will be available.

Saturday June 8th

10 am - 1 pm

$30 all day pass


Registration & Rules

Click the button below to register for group sessions or to book private lessons.  


1.  No FOOD in or around the pool/dock

2.  All dogs new to swimming must wear a vest

3.  No bitches in season

4.  Please bring water for you & your dog

5.  Bring poop bags and clean up!

6.  Dogs must be on leash at all times unless on the dock

7.  NO FLEXI's, CHOKE, E-COLLARS OR PRONGS on the property

8.  Potty dogs before going on the dock

9.  No screaming dogs, we have neighbors

10.  Only 2 people and 1 dog max on the dock at one time

11.  Use the pool driveway and drive onto the field, park in designated area.  It is bumpy, so go slow!!!  Permits in works for driveway, but its rough field now.

12.  1 that's ONE dog in the pool at a time.  The pool is for swimming, recreation of rehab, dock jumping only.  Pool parties are not allowed.

Private Lessons

Diane Thompson will be available for private lessons for swimming, conditioning, and dock diving.  To book you will need a Gingr account-the book now button will take you to set one up.  If you have a Gingr account, you can book thru your app portal.

1/2 hour $65 up to 2 dogs

1 hour $125 up to 3 dogs


Pool Rentals

Pool rentals are available to approved renters only.  Must have previous experience, taken lessons or have documented titles to rent. 
1/2 Hour 1 dog $40 
second dog $10

2 dog max

1 hour 1 dog $65 second/third dog $15 

max 3 dogs


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