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Beginner Treibball

Treibball, german for Pushball, is a fun sport that is based on soccer for dogs.  This sport is all about working with your dog at a distance.  Fun skills include:  teaching your dog to drive away and push balls into a goal. Join Renée Hall and learn a new game.  Great skills for any dog!  

6 week Self Study Course

Instructor support through in course online chat!

Beagle Puppy

Tracking for Puppies

Tracking is a perfect activity for puppies and dogs of all ages.  Set to start with a puppies, the principals of tracking are the same for the older dog new to the sport.  

Diane Thompson will guide you with this interactive and fun 4 week starter course

4 week self study course with Instructor support and homework through in course chat room

Dog Run

Socialize Your Puppy like a Dog Trainer 

With limitations on where and when we can go, figuring out how to start our puppy out right can be confusing!  Join Let's Speak Dog Owner Renée Hall, CDBC, ADT, CPDT-Ka for this 4 week jump start on training and socializing your new puppy!


4 week Course with lecture, fun games and insight into socializing a pup.  Instructor support through in course chat.

Course starts 4/25/2020

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