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Boarding School for Puppies!

Are you looking for support and training for your baby puppy?  Busy work schedule?   Kids schedules & life making your puppy training schedule difficult?  Our Professional Coaches can help!  


Our professional puppy raisers will bring your puppy to their home and implement our puppy raising program which includes: 

  • 2 Outings a day to pet friendly locations/ nature walks

  • Crate/barrier acclimation

  • Impulse control (reducing frustration, nipping, biting)

  • Confidence building (different surfaces, locations, dogs, people, etc.)

  • Training life skills (Settling, recalls, impulse control)

  • Comfort handling, petting, grooming

  • Plenty of physical and cognitive enrichment

  • And most importantly, building a schedule to apply to your household!

A strong foundation and positive experiences in the first few months create a confident, well adjusted teenager, ease transitions during the adolescent developmental periods and enable your experience with your pup to be fun filled!  All boarding school pup programs include 2 reports cards a day, 45 minute recap visit on pick up and a training plan/schedule to transition our program to your home. 

Notes:  Puppy Boot Camp is not a suitable option for dogs displaying an extreme level of separation distress. If you notice that your puppy is showing signs of stress and vocalization for longer than 40 minutes, we will have to conduct private coaching before attempting boarding school.


Your pup will still be a pup when returning to your home, and as a baby dog, may still need supplemental help with housebreaking and will not be 'obedience' trained.  Your pup will have strong life skills, confidence in navigating new experiences and a well rounded education/socialization experience and will need you to implement the training plan at home. Boarding school grads have access to our online support group.

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  • A one hour consult is required prior to attendance at boarding school.  In this consult we will:  

  • set goals

  • Meet you and your pup

  • Develop a strategic, dynamic training plan for your pup's successful puppy raising experience

  • Fees:  $125​

Labrador poodle puppy looking at owner.jpg


  • While attending boarding school:

  • 2 reports each day updating you on your pups progress

  • Implement your pup's daily developmental training plan

  • Communicate regarding your pup's learning style, adjustments to training plan as needed and share the successes of each day!

  • Include you in the joy of your pup's daily experience and schedule of activities

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  • Scheduled private lessons for at home support and review of at home training plan with owners 

  • Continue to track and log program at home

  • Share and continue the learning process in our private Facebook group for Grads

  • Optionally:  share in our weekly Q/A discussion groups, attend additional classes at our school.

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