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Private Training Sessions with an Instructor

In your home or at our Studios

Coaching for the Family Dog


Kids, sports, school, work, and dogs take time!  One on one sessions with an Instructor can be the fastest solution to your dog training needs!  


There are many advantages to private dog training sessions:  


  • Convenient:  Schedule appointments on your schedule and train only what you need

  • Fast Problem Solving:  Personalized training plans with one on one coaching

  • Focused:  We will design a program specifically for you and your dog, you choose your own pace

  • Support:  Program includes email and phone support


What’s Included?


  •     1/2 hour Session for targeted work

  •     One on one with instructor

  •     Customized training plan

  •     Unlimited e-mail support

  • ​    $50 per session​


Virtual Sessions via Zoom are available:

1/2 hour $45

1 hour $80

Coaching for the Sport Dog

Our experienced instructors can help you improve your performance in and out of the ring.  Having problems transitioning to the ring?  Retrieving issues? Off lead means go sniff?  Skills problems or are you transitioning from force training to clicker training and don’t know how to teach a non-force retrieve, go out, directed jump, heeling without pop/corrections, or other problems?  Perhaps you have leash handling issues in Nose Work, or Start Line issues in Agility?


Private Sports Coaching is a great way to solve the common problems associated with training to ring transition. 


One on one coaching focuses on you and your dog in a fun/intensive session working toward your goals!


Agility Private Cancellation Policy:  48 hour notice for cancellation of private.  Payment in full is expected if appt is missed or not properly cancelled.

Sarah Woodruff, CNWI

Sarah is our Nose Work Program Director and is available for Private Coaching for Nose Work

Sammie Snyder

Sammie is active in Conformation, Rally, Parkour, Barn Hunt, Rodeo Dog and soon, Competition Obedience!

Renée Hall

Renee is available for sports coaching in Competition Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, Tracking, & Treibball

Lynne Schroeder

Lynne is available for Agility Privates!  Lynne is actively involved in AKC & UKI agility. Lynne is available for agility privates

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