Have you often thought it would great if someone could come to your home and train your dog/puppy for you?  Our Day Training Service is perfect for you!

Certified, insured Instructors will come to your home to help you build a better communication system with your dog.  Our Instructor will work with your dog, and show you how they teach new skills and great behavior!  We offer a variety of programs for you to choose from and of course, we always let you fine tune the skills we teach!


Foundation Basics for Puppies 

Tuition $695

Start your pup on the road to becoming great dog!  Positive, effective training with emphasis on helping your pup succeed!  

Program includes:

Focus/attention * Super solid stays* Go to your place/relax * Crate games * Door Manners * Leash Walking

Package includes email/phone support, written support handouts, Instructor training with you and your pup.  Guidance on enrichment, exercise and socialization.

Program includes 5 One Hour In-Home Visits, scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

Foundation Manners Program

Tuition $695

Great for the new rescue, teenage pup or adult dog, this program focuses on foundation skills training for the family pet.

Program Includes:  

Focus/attention, leaving things alone, stays and place skills for greetings, door etiquette, recalls and loose leash walking.

Setting your dog up for success with enrichment, exercise and fitness to keep bodies/minds active!  


5 one hour weekly or bi-weekly visits. Lifetime phone, email support and written training plan included in tuition fees.

Advanced Manners Program

Tuition $1,100

8 week advanced training program.

Our advanced training program is designed for the busy dog owner who would like a pro to train their dog for them.  Set up with weekly or bi-weekly visits, the curriculum centers on the well mannered family dog.  

Program highlights

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Heeling

  • Polite greetings

  • Down stay for meals, and meal prep

  • Reliable recall

  • Emergency drop for off lead work

  • Fully develop cognitive/environmental enrichment program for health and mental work.

Program may be adjusted for specific client requests.  Lifetime email/phone support.