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Service Dog Training Program

Are you interested in training your own Service Dog?  Our educational events, core classes and ongoing support will enable you to successfully navigate your life with your Service Dog or Service Dog Candidate

Service Dog Foundations.png

Starter course for all Service Dog candidates

This 6 week course covers the foundation skills for pubic access for your service dog candidate.  Curriculum includes:

Foundation skills

Relaxing for long downs in Public

Task Work-assessing needs

Class includes in-studio and off site work.


Note: This is a foundation skills class for Public Access and general training.  Class does not include specific task  work:  medical alert, PTSD, mobility, etc.  

Seminar service dogs.png

Informational Seminar of Service Dog laws, public access and use.

Are you considering training your own dog for service work?  Do you understand the process and access laws regarding Service Dogs?  Have you been told a Service Dog would be helpful to you for task work, medical aid or emotional support?  

This seminar reviews laws and education regarding the TRUTH about service dog work.  Is your dog able to functionally to the work you need the dog TO DO?  What is Service Dog 'Certification'?  What access is really allowed and is your dog a good candidate?  Join us January 28th from 10 am - 12 pm for this invaluable educational event.


Drop in service dog cass.png

On The Road class

Prerequisite:  Successful graduation from Service Dog Foundations class or similar program.

4 session visits to different locations throughout the Valley

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